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城海まとめ2 | 殻利藻 [pixiv] 


城海まとめ2 | 殻利藻 [pixiv] 

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[[ New theme is done for now! I was trying to make a cool banner but completely failed so THAT WILL COME LATER ]]

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[[ Who thinks it’s time for a new theme? I thinks it’s time for a new theme. Kaiba is gonna get a new theme. I love this one, but it’s getting oooooold. ]]

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[[ I’m planning on getting on this account more pretty soon. So sorry for the random disappearances. I’ve been really preoccupied with my OC blog recently, and Kaiba’s become a very picky muse. Not to mention I’ve been seeing all these new Kaiba blogs getting made and they’re just… All the stereotypical “quality” style blog. Japanese kanji as the title, fancy formatting, minimalistic… cold.

Okay, I’m feeling a rant coming on, so I’m going under the cut.

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For the colour pallete thing, Kaiba with #16 please xD




Hidden Feelings

Thank you so much for your request Hai-an! ♥  I knew my Kaiba would look like Light Yagami

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Gururi Kururi

Gururi Kururi

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