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Switched with Merina || Switch M!A Open RP


Kaiba suddenly froze where he was, realizing everything seemed… taller than he was used to. He turned his head and realized it felt heavier. Then he looked down and gasped.

"WHAT IS THIS?!" Kaiba snarled. Why did he suddenly look like Merina?? "No no no, this is not happening. I’m going to kill whoever did this.”

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Tagged: #guys i'm just taking pics from the internet and photoshopping the eye and hair colour to match merina #I own NO pictures #and I don't know if the characters I find are OCs or from animes #sooo yeah #XD #threads
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    The moment Merina heard him snicker to make joke out of her it, her mind calm down with the dirty thoughts that wanted...
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    Kaiba furrowed his eyebrows when Merina said she needed to stop blushing so much. He thought it was cute when she...